November 2, 1920, Election Day, Ocoee, Florida.

Two African American men tried unsuccessfully to vote. One was lynched, the other escaped. The town was burned by a white mob. Over the next three days, from six to over thirty lost their lives. This story will be told.

TOGETHER: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Our Central Florida Community came to tgether to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in 1920:100years ago November2020.

The Ocoee Massacre stands as the single bloodiest Election Day in the history of our country.

ATJ is committed  to carrying this discovery dialogue forward, in concert with continued community gatherings,and in conversation with our next generation.

We are committed to making voting easier  and fair for all citizens. That right to vote,fought for so valliantly by July Perry and Mose Norman in1920,will be honored.The national conversation about reparations wii be honored. Our work is just beginning.We are moving forward. 



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ATJ Membership

Rachel Allen, Director, Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute

Willie J. Allen, Jr., Documentary Photographer

Brenda Alston, Teacher, Orange County Public Schools (retired); League of Women Voters of Orange County

Cathleen Armstead, Ph.D., Democracy Forum, Sociology Professor, Miami Dade College

Kathleen Bell, Ph.D., University of Central Florida Professor of English (retired)

Heather Bryson, Ph.D, Valencia College Professor of History

Kristin Congdon, Ph.D., University of Central Florida Professor Emerita, Philosophy and Humanities

 Kathleen Crown,Ed.D. School Administrator(retired) Human Relations Diversity Board city of Ocoee Past Chair

l Harry Coverston, Ph.D., Episcopal Priest; University of Central Florida and Valencia College Humanities Instructor (retired)

Joy Dickinson, Columnist, Orlando Sentinel; League of Woman Voters of Orange County; West Orange Reconciliation Task Force

Toya Flewellyn, EYESEEIMAGES

Valada Flewellyn, Poet; Author; Storyteller; Bridging the Color Divide; Historian, the Dorothy Turner Johnson Branch of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History

Corey Grant,Art Director/ Senior Graphic Designer Green Vegan Media 


Will Jefferson, Community Manager, Valencia College, Peace and Justice Institute

Ruth King, Blues Musician and Songwriter

Connie Lester, Ph.D., Director, University of Central Florida RICHES; Associate Professor of History; Editor, Florida Historical Quarterly

Fairolyn Livingston, Chief Historian, Hannibal Square Heritage Center, Winter Park; Bridging the Color Divide

Bill Maxwell, Chair, Ocoee Human Relations Diversity Board

Ann Patton, Author

Jeanine Taylor, Jeanine Taylor Folk Art

Trent Tomengo, MFA, Seminole State College Professor of Humanities

Penny Walker, Baha’i Faith,

 Charley Williams, Past President, League of Women Voters of Orange County













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